Why Choose Canada for Study?

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November 25, 2019
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December 4, 2019

Canada is considered one of the best nations in the world for its rich culture and standard of life. Canadian institutes are some of the top rankers offering paramount education programs for students from all streams. A study permit in Canada allows one to receive internationally acclaimed education and extensive experience in the Canadian culture.

So many people often question the benefits of studying in Canada, or why one should choose Canada for their study goals. The answer is there are many benefits of studying in Canada.


  • Educational Institutions from Canada hold a high reputation in the world by involving positive academic performances and a higher percentage of employability. Many Canadian institutions stand in the top 200 list of world educators and also compete with the popular universities from the UK and U.S.
  • Canada has a welcoming aura, whether you chose to study in a large campus with multi-lingual communities and cultures or settle in smaller campuses from Atlantic provinces. The experience of the Canadian lifestyle is almost different yet similar in many ways. All these characteristics make Canada a place that is going to shape one’s entire personality. With an international standard of education and exposure, it will be easier for a student to find better career prospects.
  • With a lower crime rate, Canada stands out among the safest countries in the world. A student who comes to Canada far away from their home countries does not face issues related to life safety and security. One can aim for social and professional development simultaneously. With a quotient for quality of life, Canada offers a work-life balance.
  • Universities in Canada focus on encouraging students to participate. Teachers support a student from different linguistic backgrounds to enroll in free language courses in French and English to make them express themselves.
  • Lectures are interactive and engaging that cultivates the creative and methodical thinking from students.
  • Many international students chose to work part-time to support their expenses. Canada allows a student to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week.


All these experiences provide reasons to choose Canada for Study. To help you further in getting admission to a reputed institution ABIC Immigration Consultants is here to help you. ABIC has experienced licensed RCIC’s to deal with all kinds of cases right from the admission process to study permit. For all your questions and queries contact us, we will get the best for you.

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