Assessment Form


  • This form is meant to assess your eligiblty for immigraton to Canada. There are over 60 different immigration programs and our experts help you determine the category that best suits your individual circumstances.
  • Please fill in all the fields to enable us make an assessment.
  • If readily available you can also attach a detailed resume as a Microsoft Word, PDF or ZIP file in addition to filling this form.
  • We may contact you by phone/ email in case additional information is required to establish your eligibility.
  • We shall get back to your with our assessment with 3 work days.

The personal information you provide to the ABIC is secure and is collected for the purpose of assessing your potential for immigration to Canada. Any personal information submitted to us will not be sold, or otherwise transferred or disclosed, to a third-party source without your consent. You may consult our Privacy Policy for complete details.

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