SINP: Ticket to Your Canadian PR

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December 29, 2019
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February 7, 2020

CRS score is increasing with every round of invitation and it is becoming very difficult to contest in the express entry pool to get an invitation. SINP is one solution to get Canadian PR in an easy way. This stream is designed for the International Skilled Worker Category to apply for the province of Saskatchewan. With this stream, the province is able to nominate several skilled workers by narrowing the eligibility criteria of education, experience, and language abilities and financial background to successfully settle in Saskatchewan.

Employment Offer

Under this sub-category is an opportunity for skilled workers who have successfully got an employment offer from an employer from Saskatchewan. The job position should be essentially approved by the SINP in order to apply or else the application will face immediate rejection. Once the position is approved it is good to go further. In order to assess the available position, the employer must register on SINP list of employer websites. After the approval is provided for the position, approval will be sent to the employer. It is essential for the applicant to attach a copy of the job approval letter in his/her application as submitted to the SINP.


To apply under the International Skilled Worker – (SINP) Employment Offer sub-category.

One must:

Language benchmark of CLB 4 in four competencies (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening) to be done at a designated testing institute;

Full time and a permanent job offer from the employer which is registered with SINP and the occupation should also match the NOC Matrix such as Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B, OR in designated commerce in Saskatchewan;

If applying form Canada should have legal status;

One year of experience in the last ten years, full time and paid;

Able to provide mandatory certification or license to apply for specific jobs;

As calculated in the assessment grid, at least have 60 points out of 100

What is Points Assessment Grid?

All the aspirants will be evaluated on the basis of the points as per these following eligibility aspects:

education and training,

skilled work experience,

language ability,

age, and

job offer within the Saskatchewan labour market.

For any further queries and assistance please ABIC for the appointment. Our team has vast experience in the SINP stream and has high success rates for nomination programs.

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