Sponsor Parents and Grandparents: Things You Need To Know

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December 4, 2019
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December 22, 2019

With technological developments, it is easier to connect with your families living away far away. Although the physical presence of your loved ones is always special. Especially, having your parents and grandparents with you can be very beneficial for the developing family values to your children as well. To bring your family together the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship program plays a vital role. There are certain things that one should know about the basic requirements and benefits of this visa type.


  1. Validity

This visa is specially designed to accommodate the needs of families and valid for 10 years, unlike the regular visitor visa. The applicant of a Super visa can get an extended visa for visit and allowed to have multiple entries for stay. A person on a super visa can stay up to 2 years consecutively for every visit for the 10 years of the time period.


  1. Eligibility

A regular visitor visa required to have basic requirements to be fulfilled, but for a super visa, there are different eligibility criteria. To apply for a super visa only parents and grandparents of a Canadian citizen or PR eligible. Other than this some of the aspects will be assessed for applying like:

  • Purpose to visit;
  • The economic and political status of the home country;
  • ties to the home nation;
  • Finances of the applicant;
  • Travel insurances by Canadian provider
  • Health status checked by a medical exam.


  1. Time to Process

A super visa normally takes 8-10 weeks of time to process.


Here is a checklist of proof you must have with you come and visit your families


Proof of Family Ties;

Travel Document;

Travel Insurance of minimum $100,000

Letter of Invitation (provided by the child or grandchild)

The letter or proof of financial income of the person inviting.


If you want to invite your parents and grandparents to live with you on Super Visa, ABIC can help. At ABIC we deliver expert service to bring your family with you. We have helped families from various different cultures and backgrounds to bring their parents and grandparents with them here in Canada.  Please visit our site and explore more about your immigration needs or Contact Us to assist you with the best services you are looking for.



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