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April 20, 2018
Latest Express Entry draw: 3600 Candidate Invitation to apply for PR.
November 25, 2019


PGWP or Post Graduate Work Permit aims to invite international students and a popular stream provided by the Canadian government to the students who wish to work in Canada after their studies. This a beneficial stream for students who passed from eligible educational institutions to apply for an open work permit which is also known as PGWP.

One of the major concerns of all students who wish to apply for PGWP is the chance of applying for PR. The answer to this is yes, PGWP is a allow Canadian graduates to obtain Canadian experience that helps to strengthen their profile for applying for permanent residence procedures. Once you get PGWP and gain some experience as a skilled worker, you can apply under the CEC program for PR.

Who can Apply for PGWP?

International Students who have studied a continuous full-time program of a minimum of eight months in Canada. The study should be acquired from a designated learning institution. With a period of 180 days after getting the written confirmation from the educational institute, an eligible student can obtain a post-graduate work program for a maximum of 3 years. the degree or diploma should indicate that the candidate has passed the program successfully. For students who have obtained the program through distance learning, have received any scholarship program, and who have been issues a PGWP earlier cannot apply. Students who have obtained their program certificate from an institute that is located in Canada but is a non-Canadian are not eligible to apply.

Can we apply for a PGWP from outside of Canada?

Anyone who has a status in Canada can apply for a PGWP even from overseas. Students whose study visa has expired must apply for a visitor visa to stay and apply for PGWP.

PGWP is LMIA exempt which means that PGWP is an open work permit and allows the graduates to work full time and part-time as well.

ABIC immigration Consultants can provide a detailed overview regarding Study Permit and Post Study Work Permit. ABIC has a team of experts to guide you through the various immigration procedures. For students who are already in Canada and interested to apply for PGWP. ABIC can help you.

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