Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec Skilled Worker Overview

The province of Quebec, under the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration, establishes their own selection criteria and requirements on the basis of who will adapt well to living in Quebec. If you’re seeking to immigrate to the city of Montreal, or any other city in the province of Quebec as a skilled worker you must meet their requirements, not those of the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

You must submit an application to be selected by the province of Quebec. This is called the Certificate of Selection (Certificat de Selection du Quebec). Once you’ve been selected by the province you must make a separate application to Citizenship & Immigration Canada for permanent residence. Quebec-selected skilled workers are not assessed on the six (6) selection factors of the Federal Skilled Worker Program.


The QSWP seeks to select candidates based on the highest probability of successful economic settlement potential, with foreign nationals seeking to settle permanently in Quebec needing to undergo a two-step immigration process:

  • They must be selected by the MIDI, Quebec's immigration authority.
  • Selected applicants will receive a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ).

An approved CSQ holder must file an application with Canadian federal immigration authorities. The federal government's role in evaluating a Quebec application for permanent residence is mainly limited to issues of health and criminality. The Quebec skilled worker program, unlike Canada's federal Express Entry Immigration System or programs offered by other provinces under Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), remains the only program whereby applications are not processed on a first come first served basis.

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